Teaching Tuesday – A Review of 2 PHR Exam Prep Apps for iPhone

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For today’s lesson, rather than a guest instructor, I’m going to show you 2 of the tools I’m using to look at some PHR type questions and find the areas in which I’m particularly weak.

The first app is from the HR Certification Institute.  It’s called HRCI PHR Exam Prep for Human Resources Professionals by Upward Mobility and costs $3.99 in the iTunes app store.  In my opinion, this app is not worth that price.  There are 4 features in this app: Study mode, Test Mode, Review Test Performance and Resume Last Test.


In Test Mode, you can choose how many questions you want to answer up to 140 and how much time you want, up to 280 minutes.  Those 140 questions, though, never change.  Assuming you need to take a break, that’s when you’d use the Resume Last Test function.  You take the test, multiple choice or True/False, and get your score.  Pretty basic.

test modequestiontest results

When you use the Review Test Performance mode, it will show you all the questions and confirm which were correct and which were not.  You can then click on each for a brief explanation.

Study mode is basically the same as the Review Test, only you don’t get a correct or incorrect designation beforehand.  You click on a question, look at the answer, read the explanation and then mark it as reviewed and understood (if you want).

study modebefore takeawaytakeaway

This app is pretty basic and overall I’m glad I got it.  I do think it’s a little expensive considering it only has 140 questions and with my great memory, going through this a few times, I almost have them all memorized.  I question if I learned anything though, or just knew what to anticipate.

The second app I’ve been using is called PHR Exam Review from Flashcard Brain Apps Education.  It was $2.99 in the iTunes app store.  It lacks the fancy graphs and charts of the first app, but it is so much more useful!  For starters, it breaks up the studying into categories:  Strategic Management, Planning, HR Development, Compensation & Benefits, Risk Management, Practice and Vocabulary.  The little dot for comments is so you can create and save your own flash cards.


I like this because it breaks it up into specific areas of practice and isn’t just scattershot like the previous app.  There is no test mode, no timed element, and no scoring.  It’s just flashcards, but there are so many more of them that this app is just not even comparable to the other.

questions answer

See?  Just index cards.  No keeping score, no timed element.  Just questions and answers.

The great thing, though, is that this has so many more questions and answers.  Each category has between 75 and 120 questions.  The vocabulary section has 800+ definitions!

practice benefitsvocab

This app has about 10x the information that the first one has, and it’s cheaper.  I think that’s a benefit.  I also feel like with this one, I’m learning more and not memorizing.  But if you like to measure things and keep score to track your improvement…that’d be tough with this particular app.  They are both good and I’m glad to have them both.  But if you can only get one and can’t decide if keeping score vs. more info is better…go with the 2nd one.

Stay tuned for Fun Friday later this week.  Next Tuesday, a lesson on ERISA from an attorney buddy!

Everyone have a great week! – HRGF


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