Survey Saturday – Business Cards – Contest & Giveaway

business card smartass

Ok, so…I am looking to buy some business cards to promote this little blog I’ve been working on.  I’m liking everything but that second line.  I cannot decide what to put there.  A few weeks ago I had “Freelance Writer & Blogger” but I’m too busy for any freelance work right now, so I need something else.  Just “Blogger” is blah.  Just “HR Student & Blogger” is a bit inauthentic since I’m not actually studying that in school.  “Rogue” is totally lame and I don’t even know why I put that there, ever.  Please ignore.  I’m no Sarah Palin here.

Smartass feels pretty authentic, I won’t lie and I sort of think people should know what they’re getting into when they visit this blog.  Plus I think a semi-curse word would set me apart from the crowd a bit, but in what way?  Super unprofessional?  Funny but not to be taken seriously?  Genius and innovative?  Ugh.  I can’t decide.

Suggestions for that 2nd line, please?  Slander, accusations and allegations all welcome.  Thanks!

OH!  The person who submits the idea that I eventually go with gets a little treat!  Put it in the blog comments to win.  Thanks!


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