Spring Cleaning Edition – “No Fun” Friday

It’s time for spring cleaning, ladies and gents.  My crap is out of hand.

Since I got my fantastic new job, I think I’ve been juggling work and school pretty well.  Some great opportunities have opened up at the office.  I’ve met all my official coworkers (all 3 of them) and they are awesome ladies.  Very smart and talented.  I’m doing very well in my Pharmacology class.  History, well…yea, new job and Pharmacology!

I’ve been balancing all this pretty well, but some other stuff has fallen through the cracks. I’ve never been the best housekeeper to begin with, and a yearly spring cleaning is always something I want to do but never actually do.  I’m okay when I live with others, but when I live alone and no one else has to see my filth, it gets ugly sometimes.

Burn it down, yes?  Is that the right answer?

Burn it down, yes? Is that the right answer? Just me then? Ok.

My family was supposed to come visit this weekend.  For reasons that aren’t important, that got cancelled at the last minute and left me pretty aggravated.  Their visit had me consuming caffeine and scrubbing like a mad woman and now the aggravation is continuing it.  I do my best cleaning when I’m nervous or pissed.  A yearly blast o’ spring cleaning ensures the health department doesn’t have to come visit me and that when I am eventually committed to the nut hatch, it will be for serious reasons, not my Everest size mountain of laundry.  The aggravation will be gone by the time I’m done cleaning AND I’ll have sparkly like-new bathroom fixtures.  Yea for everyone.








Next weekend, I plan to do some spring cleaning for my social media.  I have emailed myself several articles I haven’t  had a chance to read yet.  I need to polish up the blog a bit.  My computer needs a tuneup, etc.  I need to find a new RSS reader now that Google is ending theirs.  But this weekend…oof.  Lots of cleaning to do.

I feel like there’s this perfect version of Dominique out there somewhere.  She’s a morning person.  She gets up early and does her Couch to 5k training when it’s still cool outside.  She comes home and does her writing, studies, keeps the house clean, runs errands, eats lots of veggies, saves up her money, hangs out with friends, attends the theateh — you have to say it really douchey like that…theateh — and is generally awesome.  She might even have a dog someday now that she’s home enough to take him for walks.  A rescued Boston named Edgar, maybe.

WomanRunnerCloseup portrait of a happy young woman using laptop


Colorful vegetables and fruitsboston

This Dominique will not be achieved with the Fuji size mountain of dishes.  My physical clutter is creating mental clutter.  So, this  ↓↓↓ will be me today!  If you see me on FB or Twitter, make me stop and go resume the Spring Cleaning Frenzy!


In the spirit of that, here are some articles that have been helping me get motivated for my Spring Cleaning Sprint.  Enjoy!

What You Should Take Off Your Desk Right Now by @EntMagazine ”Replace the objects you remove with what is the opposite. Instead of things that make you feel heavy, guilty or overwhelmed, bring in things that uplift, nourish and encourage you. For example, replace that pencil cup with a vase of flowers or a budding branch. Your desk should bear reflection on the best things in your life.” — This isn’t so much about spring cleaning as inspiration to finally set up my office once the spring cleaning is over!

9 Steps To Organize Your Social Media For Success by @heidicohen  “Establish a social media calendar for engagement and content sharing. If you’ve already got one, ensure that it’s aligned with your current social media objectives.”

How To Transform Your Spring Cleaning Into A Paycheck by @BrokeGirlsGuide ”[W]hile we’re more than happy to help out…the world, and contribute to…humanity, we’d be lying if we said it wouldn’t bum us out to see all those hard-earned dollars end up at Goodwill. But if we don’t start cleaning up our act soon, we’re pretty sure that recruiters from the show Hoarders will be hounding us any day now.”

Skinny Up Your Kitchen by @goodhealth  “With a quick cabinet [reorganization], simple food swaps, and even a workout move to do during boiling-water downtime, you can transform a fat-belly kitchen into a flat-belly one.” — I need spring cleaning for my diet also.  For sure!

Ampersands and a Sheepskin Chair: The Mid-Century Modern Workspace by @lifehacker  “With accents like an authentic mid-century modern Danish desk, Herman Miller Eames chair, and sheepskin chair cover, this workspace definitely earns that title. It’s a refined office that showcases Cristina’s sharp eye and love of design.”  For the record, I hate that sheepskin chair cover, but I would cut out one of my kidneys myself for that desk!!!


PS – On a personal note, some thanks for support, assistance and serendipitous introductions this week:  @RyanEstis, @MESlayter, @RepCapital, @MasterCardNews & especially @HR_Nasty.  Thank you!!


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