Fun Friday: A Random Sampling of Thoughts…

It’s been an interesting week.  Pretty soon I’ll be able to tell you all why, but for now, please just know that things are going very well for me, apart from mild laryngitis/allergies/something.  I’m incredibly busy which is always good.  I’m incredibly tired, which is always good when it’s from being busy instead of being bored.  And I will have awesome news to share with you in approximately 2 weeks!

In the meantime, a few things…

1.  I read an amazing blog post this week that made me almost spit out my coffee.  Here it is: she says is SO TRUE!  The spitting out my coffee came from the line about Secretary’s Day.  That has happened to me more times than I can count.  Also, if you aren’t following @JsarahwatsHR on Twitter, you really should be.  She’s delightful.

2.  The nostalgic tone of the above blog (and a few other events) got me to thinking about things I miss.  Here’s a random list in no particular order:

Drinking very diluted coffee/milk at my grandma’s house out of a wineglass because coffee and wineglasses were both very grown-up and she understood that I was a grown-up even at 5.

horses ClydesdalesHoreseVan_thumb[11]

Riding around with my parents, individually, which often led to great adventures – like getting lost and accidentally getting a tour of the Budweiser Clydesdale trailer and getting to pet the horses once with my mom, or spending an evening at the tiniest airport in the whole world climbing all over an airplane, flipping buttons and walking on the wings while my dad met with the plane’s owner about some sort of grown-up business.  I wasn’t listening.  I was busy being Evil Kneivel.


I miss Miss Brooks.  She was an elderly woman that lived across the street from my grandma when I was little.  We’d go visit her often to “check on her” but really to see her garden.  It was magic.  It was the prettiest place I had ever seen at that age, and maybe even since then.  She and my grandma were great friends but when it came to gardening, they were frenemies and their competition was hilarious to watch.

I miss cameras with film.

I miss my grandpa’s woodshop.  When I was little I liked it cause he was more than likely building me something fun like a toy box or an art desk.  When I got a little older, he helped me build model bridges for the science fair.  After I graduated high school and spent the summer lifeguarding down the road from them, I used the garage/woodshop entrance when I’d come in from late nights at lifeguard parties or dates.  The alarm code was my grandma’s birthday and I still remember it: 6132.

I miss being in high school and living in a dorm.  That’s right, world.  I was a boarding school brat and I miss it.  Not always.  Not on those days when I get to go to cocktails with my friends, but I loved the routine of it all.  When failing an astronomy test was my biggest worry, life was GOOD.  I thought it was stressful at the time, but good lord I would go back in heartbeat knowing what I know now about REAL stress.  I would tell that Dominique to chill the hell out, rebel a little, and WEAR BIKINIS.  You look awesome and that body you think is “fat” is something you’d nearly commit murder for at 33.  Not at 34 though, cause by 34 you’ll have it back again! (We hope.)


I miss Zima.  That’s right, I said it…douchebag drink of choice.  Zima with a Jolly Rancher dropped in it was the greatest thing since sliced bread when I was a freshman in high school.  I could sip one all night so people would not hassle me about being a prude (which I totally was), but I never got stupid from it.  Plus it tasted like sour apple Sprite.  It was awesome.  I’m sad they don’t make it anymore.

I miss Nick at Nite showing OLD television shows in black and white:  The Patty Duke Show, My Three Sons, The Donna Reed Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Dennis the Menace.  Showing things like The Cosby Show and Friends makes me feel OLD.

Calvin-and-Hobbes-hugging-calvin-and-hobbes-1395524-1024-768far side

I miss the 2 greatest comic strips ever: Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side.

I miss my go-kart.  My dad planted a garden in the middle of the field behind our house and mowed a track around the edges.  I was a badass on that thing.  Sure, there was one concussion and a tetanus shot resulting from said badassery…and we had to replace the metal steering wheel with one that had padding as a result of that concussion, but still.  That track was meant to separate the heroes from the wusses and it did just that.  Every little girl needs to go to school with a shiner that she EARNED at least once.

3.  I’m relatively new to the HR Scene on Twitter and I’ll admit, at first it felt like a clique.  Everyone seems to already know everyone else and it’s hard to break into that.  I’m still not all the way in and there’s still a whole language about HR on Twitter that I’m not yet privy to, but…if there are any students or assistants reading this, I do have one piece of advice: find some cool people to follow.  I don’t just mean the smartest people or the ones with the most followers or the ones who post the most frequently, though these things are all pretty common and certainly not mutually exclusive.  I mean follow some people who post GOOD information that you can learn from.  People who will answer you back if you have a question.  (PS – Some of these people have thousands and thousands of followers, so give them a minute, ok?)  People who will be friendly to a newb.  It IS a clique, because they do all know each other and they are all friends already…but they WILL let you in.  Just ask.  Below is a list of some of my faves:

@William Tincup




This list is nowhere near exhaustive, so I’ll probably add some more next week.  Also, I’ve never talked to him, but you should be following @HR_Nasty and reading his blog.  Great info and hilarity.

4.  Read this!  It’s HR-related and it’s about me and an experience I had on dad’s 60th birthday!

So how was everyone else’s week?  Read any good blogs/articles I should know about?  What are some things that you miss? (Someone please step up and agree with me on the Zima.  I’m on this nerd branch by myself.)  Anyone cool I should be following on Twitter?  Hit me up in the comments!!


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