Frankenstein, Flexibility and My New Job

I’ve been having good luck with the monster theme, so we’re going to continue with that.

No, I don’t know why HR makes me think of scary hellbeasts like vampires or zombies, but clearly it does.  And my new job is a little reminiscent of Frankenstein.


I’ve recently become part of the fast-growing field of content marketing, if only tangentially.  I’m not a marketing person.  I’ve never studied marketing, I’m not a salesman (unless I’m selling someone on giving me something that I want), and had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I’ve since learned that content marketing isn’t about “sales” per se.  We turn you into an expert with blogs, white papers, websites, webinars, etc. so that people search you out.  You don’t blast in their face “Hey, we have a product!  Come buy it!  Apply directly to the forehead.  Apply directly to the forehead.” etc.  Instead, you have such amazing content on your website related to your field that people will seek you out as an expert and you can turn that lead into sales.  Pretty genius.


Since I’m not a marketing person, I’m the Office Manager.  My boss, and owner of this small but quickly-growing startup, jokes that she hired me to boss her around, and she’s kind of right.  She has a million things in her head at any one time, so she needs to be diverted back to a certain path occasionally.  Plus I’m just really good at being bossy.

In the very short time that has elapsed since I took this job, I have engaged in some writing, accounting, construction, HR, copy-editing, research and major shopping.  This job is a lot like Frankenstein in that way: a little of this, a little of that, all stitched together to make something great. ( Yes, I know Frankenstein was the doctor.  I’m minoring in English and gothic lit in particular is my favorite.  I’ve written many a paper on Frankenstein as a feminist treatise, but let’s just go with popular convention this once, ok?  I can’t just call him “The Monster” cause that would sound stupid.)

Obligatory Buffy reference.

Obligatory Buffy reference.

We all know I hate routine, so this works out great for me.  Plus, we don’t have an office!  I get to work from home, from coffee shops, from seafood restaurants and everything is done in “The Cloud.”  The boss is here in Baton Rouge with me but the rest of my coworkers, some official and some not, are in DC, Little Rock, Tucson, and all over.  I can still fit in school which has been a huge benefit.  I’m learning a TON.  Best of all, if I don’t develop carpal tunnel from this blog, school and this job, I expect my writing to improve a great deal.  Don’t worry.  I’ll stay snarky.  Look for a post later this weekend about customer service to prove that point.

This is how much we love "The Cloud."

This is how much we love “The Cloud.”

So far this experience has been amazing and I expect it to continue.  I’m really excited about this new chapter in my life.  Also, I’m rearranging my apartment.  Moving bed into tiny bedroom with nothing but a nightstand and a few bookshelves to create a relaxing, sleep-only space.  My current bedroom will be set up with work and fitness equipment.  I’m hoping to get a treadmill desk from my dad.  He has an old treadmill he doesn’t use and likes to build things so I put him on that project.  The Wii will be set up here, along with a little armchair and ottoman so I can sit and work when I want to instead of walking.  But I feel like this will get me fitter, healthier and much more productive.  Look out world!  (Or…THIS will happen.)  Either way, good times.



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