Accusations, Allegations and Apologies – Saturday Edition

You’re all going to have to forgive me.  I really am trying to keep a set blogging schedule of Tuesdays/Fridays and maybe more if time permits, but that may be shot to hell for the next couple weeks.  Between midterm exams, new job, a few school/house projects and LASHRM right around the corner…I can’t commit to those days and deadlines.  I will keep blogging though!

I'm a busy beaver!

I’m a busy beaver!

A few upcoming topics (so you can be excited about them and so I don’t forget):

ERISA Pt 2 – now that I know a little more, I have more questions.

My take on the Yahoo! mess, which won’t be timely by then, but it will be MY 2 cents.  Literally, as it relates to me.  No, I don’t work for Yahoo! but I am self-centered so I’m going to talk about ME.

My recent experiences with Ambitesh at Hewlett Packard and Victoria at Amazon – or how customer service can place someone on a ledge, or talk them down from it.  Hint: I hate Ambitesh.


This gif works for Napoleon AND Ambitesh!

I have to go read about Napoleon some more.  Everyone have a great weekend!



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