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My name is Dominique Rodgers and I’m the Office Manager at Reputation Capital Media and working my way through school at LSU.  My background is in HR and payroll, but only on an assistant/generalist level.  I feel like I know a lot of the HR side dishes: payroll, benefits administration, hiring, training, safety, etc. but it doesn’t feel deep enough, for lack of a better description.  Now it’s time for me to learn some meat and potatoes: strategy, risk management, engagement/retention, recruiting, and legalese, for example.


I’m not currently studying HR in school.  I was very unfocused for many years after high school and wandered my way through almost every major on campus except business.  The idea of any business education sounded mind-numbingly boring.  Meanwhile, I stumbled into payroll and HR at an off-campus job and really liked it.  I was too far in (and exhausting the family’s patience beyond any reasonable limits) to make another curriculum change, so my entire HR knowledge has been on the job, so far.  I should be wrapping up school at the end of this year and I’m contemplating enrolling in an HR Management Master’s Program at LSU.  A few things will have to fall into place before a decision is made there, but I think some actual classroom HR education would do me good.


Meanwhile, I’m finishing up undergrad this year and studying HR in my free time to get a head start on the potential Masters program.  I’ll be utilizing books, expert blogs, apps, magazines, local HR contacts/mentors, you name it!  Suggestions for study materials and topics are always welcome and encouraged!  My vision for this blog is for it to eventually be a collaborative environment where assistants and students like myself can discuss what we’re learning, and maybe some HR experts can get a refresher or steer us back on the path if we have questions.


DISCLAIMER:  I’m going to try to keep this blog as on-topic and professional as possible, but I’ve been known to be a bit of a smartass at times, and a rambling storyteller.  Consider yourselves warned.  Please feel free to publicly or privately call me out on that.  I’ve heard worse, I promise.  Same thing if I post something that is totally wrong!  A) I’m here to learn more myself and B) I don’t want any other assistants or students reading the wrong info.  I also overuse commas, have never been perfectly clear on who vs. whom, and I refuse to stop using two spaces after a sentence.

4 thoughts on “About HR Gal Friday…

  1. HR Gal Friday Post author

    There will be a better photo soon instead of the “selfie” in front of my shower, I promise. I may even smile!

  2. Ben

    Using two spaces after each sentence imbalances the universe. Might want to avoid that in the event you could trigger the apocalypse. ;-)

    Welcome, Dominique! Good to have you. Let me know if I can ever help with anything.

    1. HR Gal Friday Post author

      Oh please. I am SO ready to trigger the apocalypse, so long as zombies are involved. I have a feeling that I would really kick ass in that sense and I kind of want to test that theory. :)


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